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December 26th, 2010, 3:17 pm


Merry Christmas [one day late]!

Hey gang! I figured I should post something here as I have a couple small things to talk about regarding the new year.

First off, I have a new year's resolution to put out more pages. Most of my time over the last couple weeks have been devoted to other things/being sick instead of the comic, yet I've been able to keep up with my schedule pretty easily. Starting from the new year, I'll be aiming to put out two-three pages a week to get the story moving along quicker. There *may* be a slight drop in quality due to this increase in work load, but at the same time I seem to be getting used to my new equipment, and increasing my speed when it comes to actually drawing panels and what-not. I might be asking too much of myself, which'll lead to a return to one page a week [or even another hiatus], but it might also lead to me getting used to updating more regularly and better keeping with my schedule. I'll try and work out details for updating in the coming weeks.

The other thing I'm here to talk about is that Without Eden will be getting "serialised"/"published"/I don't know in the online magazine Dream Manga starting from January 2011. It's been going for over three years now, and has a number of great series by talented artists running in it already, so I'm honoured to be considered good enough to have my work put alongside theirs. You can check out their website here. The latest issue with a preview of my own series should be posted online in the coming days, so check it out!

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